Roll up the rim to lose

I buy a tea and bagel from Tim Horton’s on my way to work every day. For the last couple of weeks, the Roll up the Rim to Win contest has been going on, and thus far I have won exactly nothing. Last year I won a couple of coffees teas and a couple of donuts — nothing much, but it’s always nice to win something. But does my lack of winning make me get angry and not go to Timmy’s anymore? No, it makes me want to go more because I know the chances of winning are pretty decent and the fact that I haven’t won yet makes me more likely to win the next time. Yes, I know that is absolutely not true, but it sometimes feels true.

So if I win, I want to go back to Timmy’s to win again and if I lose, I want to go back to Timmy’s to try again. They can’t lose. It’s brilliant.

Update: A friend of mine pointed out on facebook that she wins more often when she buys a large. Last time they ran this contest, I bought a large tea every day, and I won a few times. These days I buy a medium every day and haven’t won at all. Coincidence? Hmmmm…


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