Fern 2009

We just returned from Fern Resort where we go every year, and once again, we had a fabulous week. (Here’s last year’s report.) Some highlights and lowlights:


  • The food was very good, for the most part. The prime rib, pork tenderloin, and lamb medallions were amazing, but the leg of lamb on Wednesday night was just OK. I also had some tandoori salmon that was very good.
  • Jeff and I played tennis every day, and we even won a doubles tournament on Tuesday! Also, during the advanced lesson on Wednesday, we played a “survivor” game, and I won that. But then during the tournament right after that, we won our first match and then got smoked in the next three, mainly because I simply forgot how to hit the ball properly. Many of my shots went into the net or landed way out. Sorry Jeff.
  • Nicky ended up on stage again, playing Deal or No Deal. Last year he took the deal when we wanted him not to, while this year, he turned down every deal (including two that were quite generous) and ended up winning $30. Nothing to sneeze at, but he was offered $42.
  • Canadian children’s TV star Daniel Cook was there with his family.
  • I got lots of exercise. Tennis for two hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and one hour on Thursday, I ran 3.7 km on Monday and Wednesday, played beach volleyball, ten holes of golf (Hawk Ridge with Jeff and Jerry) on Tuesday and five (at Fern with Ryan, Jeff, and Jake) on Wednesday, rode pedal carts with Gail and the boys, and and a couple of innings of “mushball” (which is baseball with a soft mushy ball) – I even hit a home run! Oh, and swimming every day.
  • Golf at Hawk Ridge: Jeff, Jerry and I all shot 55 for nine holes. We were allowed to play the 18th hole on the way back to the clubhouse, and Jeff got a six while Jerry and I got sevens, so Jeff ended up the winner.



  • No Jamie Williams this year, as he played on Friday night while we were only there from Sunday to Friday morning.
  • Gail managed to miss archery again this year. No idea why, she just decided not to go. Last year she missed it because of a migraine.
  • I wanted to try water skiing, but never managed to find the time. Similarly, we didn’t get out on Jeff’s jet-ski either. Jeff did a little bit, but the water was pretty choppy.

We’re already booked for next summer, and we’re going back this fall too – we booked Hallowe’en weekend. We get 10% off because we’re alumni, and they gave us an additional 10% off, plus both kids are free. Obviously the water sports and outdoor pools will be less fun at the end of October, but there will still be lots to do.


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