Belak and Janssen

So the Leafs have been saying for days that they were not looking for revenge
against Cam Janssen for his late cheap-shot hit against Tomas Kaberle a couple of
weeks ago. I heard interviews with numerous players, including Kaberle (who
got a concussion on the hit and hasn’t played since), and they
all said the same thing – they’re not thinking about revenge at all, they just
want to worry about winning — the two points are more important than getting back at Cam Janssen. So what
happens? Less than ten minutes into the game, Wade Belak goes after Janssen and
fights him, and then all the players congratulate him after the fight, and
after the game, they talk about what a great thing he did. What happened to
“we’re not thinking about revenge?”

And they wonder why people who don’t
follow hockey all that closely think that hockey players are a bunch of thugs,
and that hockey is a violent game.


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