Gail’s television debut

The drama with the school issue I wrote about before continues. There was a meeting at the high school last night, where over 100 parents and members of various school councils (including Gail) met to brainstorm on ideas of how to best solve the problems at the high school and Greenleaf without busing our kids away. Each participant with an idea wrote it down on a piece of paper, and Gail now has a huge stack of paper here with lots of different ideas. One of the “rules” for this meeting is that any idea was to be submitted, even if you thought it was silly or impossible, so some of the ideas are pretty “out there”, but it was great to see a lot of people come out and not only show their support but voice their opinions. Gail, some other Greenleaf council people, and members of other school councils will be meeting with our school board trustees next week.

Someone called the local TV channel and they sent a team up to the meeting. A few people, including Gail, were interviewed and appeared on last night’s 11:00 news. Since this was Gail television debut, I’m trying to find a link to the video online, but no dice yet. We did tape it (with actual video tape, no PVR yet…), so I suppose I could record it from there onto the video camera, and then transfer from that onto the computer, but I’m sleepy. Maybe tomorrow. She was also interviewed the other day for the local paper, and that story came out today.


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