Driving in winter

If you’re not from Ontario (I used to think it was just the Toronto area, but apparently Ottawa suffers from this as well), it might interest you to know that there are three types of winter drivers:

  1. “Oh, it’s snowing. I guess I will slow down a little, put my headlights on, and pay a little more attention to the road and other vehicles. No need to panic.”
  2. “Snow, schmow. I have a 4×4 and winter tires, so I can go as fast as I want, regardless of the weather or traffic conditions, and I will always be able to stop or turn whenever and wherever I want.”
  3. “OMFG there’s like little white thingies falling from the sky! I better slow down to like half the speed limit just in case my car slips on one and I spin out. I knew this guy once? In school? Who was driving? In the snow? And he spun out? And he like died and stuff! Oooh, I know! I’ll drive slow in the fast lane to force other people to slow down too – just to make sure that nobody else gets hurt by these White Flakes of Death. Stop honking at me people! I’m trying to save your life! And you’re making me nervous! I better slow down some more.”

Thankfully, the majority of drivers are in group 1. But considering this is freakin’ Canada, there are a surprising number of people who seem to forget everything about driving in snow the moment the last flake melts in the spring.


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